Tips: Wedding Photography in Coventry

You are finally going to cover the first wedding of your life and you really have every reason to get excited! Okay you need to prepare, prepare, and prepare! Put some time in preparation and you’ll be glad you did. Well, before the action takes place, you need to check out these tips which can help you with Wedding Photography in Coventry.

  1. Know Your Gear Well

Whether you are going for a session of Portrait Photography in Coventry or a wedding session, you need to know your gear well. Pick up your camera, test it once, and see if all the features work well. You should have all the batteries and memory cards handy with you to avoid any last minute mishaps.

  1. Scout the Location

This is a must-do thing for all photographers. Before you head to the place for covering, visit it a day before, and especially on the time on which event is bound to take place. Just see what all shots can be taken and make a plan in ahead!

  1. Create a Shot List and Memorize It

For wedding photography in Coventry, it is important to create a shot list of all possible shots you want to take. You might forget some last minute so it is better to create one way ahead of time.